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Art Class

"If you can DREAM, you can DRAW"


We are particularly curious about creativity and how it is developed. I believe that creativity exists in everyone. How do you encourage a child to problem solve? How do you encourage a child to envision options or try new things? What prevents children from doing this naturally? What are the obstacles to learning art or anything else? In our room, I will TEACH the students how to unleash creativity.

Art and the creative process is a fertile field from which to accomplish this task because with art, there are no wrong directions. With art and creativity, there can be no mistakes. With process art (or making art), obstacles to learning become very easy to spot. By making our classes easy and FUN every time in addition to eliciting that WOW factor from students, parents, community leaders and educators, the challenge then becomes, "When and where and how fast can I get started?" Here is what has been learned from observation:


We have learned that generally, students of all ages and particularly children have difficulty taking risks. Students experience a block to exploring options or trying something new without the fear of ridicule - ridicule from others or from their own internal harsh judgement. How many times have you or other people said, "I can't draw," or "I'm not creative". In reality, there is no truth to that statement. In my class, I work with children who think they can't draw and/or they are not artistic, and I show them that they can and they are. Where did they get this limiting belief?


In my classroom, I provide the conditions for developing and nurturing creativity with the method and structure used in my classroom, together with extraordinary, proprietary curriculum that extends to all age groups. Students go from limiting beliefs, to "I CAN CREATE!" . Most importantly, acquiring this confidence in an art class can be generalized and carried over to other situations where there may be a a lack of confidence or a limiting belief system.


From the Picassos-in-training to those who think they'll never get it, art becomes approachable and much more fun than ever imagined. After participating in our class, confidence grows and skills develop that carry over into other areas of study. Soon students find themselves trying things they never would have attempted before.

In our class, students learn to see the world differently. We offer visual and perceptual tools that are easy to learn. We also make problem solving an exciting, fun, transforming experience! The lessons are developed to be challenging without being frustrating. We help to create WINNERS and ultimately, THE INNOVATORS OF TOMORROW!