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I am truly honored to share with you my videos as part of the submission process as a GRAMMY Music Educator Award 2018 quarterfinalist. Please watch and feel free to share. It is my heart and passion to teach music to my students and I love seeing their heart and passion as well! Hope you enjoy them!

Video 1  https://youtu.be/22OQJaQbCmk 
Video 2  https://youtu.be/xitopvvHfk0 
Video 3 Teaching  https://youtu.be/oSETr1U7-Y0 




Congratulations Mississippi on celebrating your 200th year!! We will be learning about musicians and composers from our great state throughout the 2017-2018 school year!


OVERPARK SINGERS- Choir rehearsals take place in the gym- 5th grade on Mondays and Wednesdays 8:05-8:25 and 4th grade on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:05-8:25. 

BEGINNER CHOIR- This is a NEW choir this year! It is open to 3rd graders and will meet on Fridays from 8:05-8:25.

ELITE CHOIR- This is a NEW choir this year and audition only! We will meet Mondays after school from 3:30-4:30pm.








Upcoming events... 



3rd grade RESCHEDULED- Sing Me A Story-
NOW Thursday, February 1st @ 7pm
Dress as your favorite storybook character

2nd grade- Goal!- 
                                Thursday, February 22nd @ 7pm

                                1st grade- It's a Hit!-

                                Thursday, March 29th @ 7pm

                                Kindergarten- Gettin' Down with Mama Goose
                                Thursday, April 26th @ 7pm



If you'd like text reminders from REMIND101 about your child's upcoming music events...please follow the instructions below..


Overpark Singers: text @oessing to 81010
5th grade music/program: text @oes5music to 81010
4th grade music/program: text @oes4music to 81010
3rd grade music/program: text @oes3music to 81010
2nd grade music/program: text @oes2music to 81010
1st grade music/program: text @oes1music to 81010
Kindergarten music/program: text @oeskmusic to 81010
School wide music info: text @oesallmus to 81010

 **to remove yourself from the group text (when moving to the next grade or moving out of town, etc.), text 81010 with the message @leave @(class name)
*Be sure there is a space between the @leave and the @(class name)







  Instrument Units this year:

Kindergarten- Rhythm instruments/xylophones
1st Grade- Rhythm instruments/Intro. to Ukulele & Keyboard
2nd Grade- Ukulele/Keyboard
3rd Grade- Ukulele/Keyboard
4th Grade- Keyboard/Guitar/Ukulele
5th Grade- Keyboard/Guitar/Ukulele




1st through 5th grades will be learning the Ukulele this year! If you are interested in buying a ukulele for your child, they are available at Olive Branch Pickers in Old Towne. They are selling OES students a Ukulele, tuner, and book for $49.95 (the amahi or makala brands). Although students are not required to purchase one, it would be beneficial!

1st through 5th graders will be learning the keyboard (piano) this year! If you would like to purchase your own keyboard, they are available for purchase at Olive Branch Pickers for $169.95. They are 61-keys and the Casio brand.

4th and 5th grades will be learning the guitar this year! If you would like to purchase a guitar for your child, they are available at Olive Branch Pickers for $99.95.


Olive Branch Pickers, 9068 Pigeon Roost Place-Old Towne, Olive Branch



We have ROCKIN' BEHAVIOR in music class! Let's see if your class can be the best and reach the top for a Rockin' Behavior music party! 

RED You're a Rockstar! Welcome to Hollywood!

ORANGE Can I have your autograph? You're going to be famous!

YELLOW A stellar performance! Keep it up!

GREEN Let's rock 'n' roll! You're ready to learn!

BLUE Singin' the blues. Practice makes perfect!

PURPLE Speak with management. Parent contact and/or consequences.

PINK All tour dates cancelled. Principal and parent contact + consequences.






My name is Mrs. Jen Bourbonais (formerly Jen Tidwell) and I am so excited to be teaching your children this year at OES! I have a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Union University in Jackson, TN and a Master of Music in Choral Conducting from the University of Mississippi. This is my tenth year of teaching at the elementary level (my 5th year at OES) and I previously taught at Lafayette Elementary School in Oxford, Mississippi and Lewisburg Primary School in Olive Branch, MS. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri (Go Cardinals!) and I have a 6 year old little boy who is my sunshine and a sweet husband I've had the privilege of being married to for over a year! 


"Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you." -Anonymous