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What are LLI and Workstations? 

 Your child is probably coming home talking about their LLI Lesson and/or Work Station. Below you will find some information about both.:)


LLI: The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) System is a small-group, researched based intervention program designed to provide powerful, daily, small-group instruction to young children. These children need intensive support to achieve grade-level competency in Reading. In each lesson, your child will practice fluency, phonics, reading new books, comprehension, writing, and word work with the teacher.

Work Stations: While a small group of students is working with the teacher during the LLI lesson, the other students are working in their assigned work station. These work stations include: Spelling, Read to Self, Phonics, and Vocabulary. In the Spelling station, the students practice their weekly spelling words using a variety of activities and manipulatives. During Read to Self, the students pick a book out of their browsing bags that they have "shopped" for to read quietly at their desk or in a comfortable spot around the room. The Phonics station can include phonics review that matches our weekly phonics sound and our weekly spelling words, as well as, review games on previous phonemes learned. In the Vocabulary station, students are able to be creative in drawing a picture to match the definition of each weekly vocabulary word to place in their vocabulary folder. :)