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Fitness Calender 

                   Overpark Elementary Oct 2018


                          Mustangs Fitness Calendar









 Find a friend and sit and talk and laugh for 60'mins. You will be amazed how much better you feel afterwards.

  1.   Exercise is the key to a healthy life!!! Run in place for 2 minute rest and repeat 5 times

2 Jump rope for 20 mins if you dont have one pretend


3 Hula hoop for 20 mins if you don't have one pretend

4 With both hand, hold a can of soup above your head.  Bend your elbows. This works your triceps.

5  Name your favorite sports player ______.

Go practice the sport this person plays with someone!

6   Holding  a soup can in each hand, jump over a line 25 times. Can you do 25 more jumps?

7 what is the capital of Texas? Do 3 sit-ups for each letter in this city's name! How did you do? _______________


8 What is your favorite food?


Do 10 line jumps for each letter in this food's name.

Jog in place 1' minute for each unhealthy food you ate today (chips, candy bar, soda or candy!).

10 Create a new funky way to do jumping jacks.  Teach them to someone.  What did you name them? ________________

11 Who's your favorite College or NFL Team do one push-up for each letter of your teams name.    

12 Practice dribbling two balls at the same time. Can you move and maintain control?  Can you cross over?

13 Work on jumping high in the air and touching your toes. Can you touch them when your legs are pointed? Apart?


14 Holding a large can above your head, bend and touch the can to the floor 12 times.

15 Time yourself  while tying your shoes.  Try to get faster each time. For every sec do one pushup

16 Be thankflul you can read. Read for 10' minutes. Do 10 jumping jacks each time you turn the page.


17  Practice jumping in the air 10 times doing star drill. Try to have your feet and legs together when you land.

18   Holding a soup can in each hand, do waist twists.  Do 20 twists. Can you do 20 more twist?

19 Practice bouncing a ball.a ball. Can you do 3 push-ups before it comes to a stop? Five? Ten?

20 Find 6 paper or plastic cups.  See how quickly you can upstack and downstack them in a pyramid pattern.

21  Time yourself for 10 second doing sit-ups. How many did you do? ___________

Try to beat your score.

22  Who was the 10th president of the U.S.?

Do 1 jump for each letter in their name__

23 Do 30 of your fastest punches in a safe spot. Rest and do 24 kicks. How many did you do total? ___________

24 How many jump ropes can you do in 10 seconds?



25 Go outside and Have fun with friends and exercise.


26 Jog in place for 30 seconds each time a commercial comes on TV.

27 Turn on your favorite music on and dance today to 3 songs in row. 

28 Use old pillow cases and have a family sack race!


29 Jog up and down the stairs 1x for every day there is in October.  I went up and down _____x.



Play outside for 60'min.





Grab a friend make up a game that includes exercise.