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Supply List 


Spotlight Supply List 2017-18

1 ½ (one and a half) inch binder

(no zipper binders or Trapper Keepers due to space constraints)


plastic dividers with pockets

notebook paper


Please help your child prepare binder in the following way -

***Label with first and last name ON FRONT.***


•Plastic Dividers with pockets- Put these into binder and label the following sections:


1. Blastoff

2. Brainfood

3. Creativity

4. Strategic Games

5. Mythbusters

6. Space

7. Independent


•Loose leaf notebook paper (Put paper in each section of binder.)


2nd grade – quart size Ziplock bags, glue sticks, & pack of thick markers

3rd grade – hand sanitizer, pencils, & pack of skinny markers

4th grade – Clorox wipes, paper towels, & box of crayons

5th grade – gallon size Ziploc bags, Kleenex, & colored pencils


Classroom Wish List Items (not required, but appreciated)

Hot glue sticks, ANY arts & craft supplies, Legos, dry erase markers, Sharpies