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Betsy Hataway Staff Photo

Supply List 




3 boxes of Unscented Baby Wipes                                        2 bottles of Germ X

1 bottle of Foam Soap                                                        1 box of crayons (any kind of Crayola)

1 set of Water Colors                                                           4 purple glue sticks

1 package of Kandoos flushable wipes                          2 large boxes of Kleenex

3 Large containers of Clorox Wipes                             Bowls

Large Paper Plates                                                       1 bottle Elmer’s glue

Small Paper Plates                         

1 bag of candy (not wrapped candy) ex- Skittles, MM’s.

2 identical sports water bottles labeled with your child’s name (no straws or flip tops)

1 change of clothes for the current season- shirt, shorts, socks, underwear- Each piece of clothing labeled with your child’s name.

2 Rolls of Paper towels

Snack that is enough to feed 24 (includes H.S.) (Little Debbies, Fruit Bars, Goldfish, Cereal, Gummies, etc)

Plastic spoons

Ziplock Bags- Gallon

Ziplock Bags-Quart

Five $1 Prizes that would be appropriate for High School Students- (ex. Candy, coupons for free items to local restaurants, if you could get some donated, Nail Polish, pens, Chips, etc). These will be incentives for our High School Student of the Week!

Need 1 nap pad- Must be a “roll up” nap pad with attached blanket and attached pillow like the

following pictures-


You may send Kindermats (the red and blue mats) to put under their nap pad. People have located the nap pads

online with a quick Google search, at JCPenny’s, or sometimes craft stores or We’ve learned through past experiences that the nap pads with one side made of Nylon do not hold up well through washing. I’d recommend not getting the Nylon ones.

Boys-                   Girls-

Plastic forks                                                             Large Laundry Detergent- Free and Clear        

Ketchup                                                                      of Fragrances                                                                                                                         

1 bag of tootsie rolls or kisses                             Small Cups              



Optional supplies needed if you would like an end of the year memory book:

1.5 inches 3-ring binder w/ plastic sleeve on front & back (put child’s name small on inside of notebook)

Set of 100 sheet protectors- crystal clear

$25 Supply Fee to Purchase Paper and other needed supplies (Check Written to Room Mother)