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            HAPPY FALL!!

Please email me with any questions or concerns at


Boo-Grams on sale this week, proceeds support the music programs.

Field trip to Brownlee Farms, November 2.  


Here's what's going on this week, October 29:


 Math - Solve multi-step word problems with whole numbers using the four operations, including problems with remainders to be interpreted.  Write and use equations with a letter standing in for the unknown value.

Test will be Tuesday, October 30

Multiplication / Division Fact practice 0 - 12's

Fact Fluency test, 60 problems, will be Friday, October 26.


Social Studies - National Geographic article on Greece.


Science -  Energy


 Help your child study, by looking over notes/examples made in class that day/week.  Review old tests and questions missed.  Please let me know if you need assistance with any skill, I will be glad to explain / show / give extra support if needed.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child!