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Here's what's going on this week, January 8:

Reading -

Amelia's Road 

Hearing and discussing fiction stories and making inferences with text.

Vocab Words:  

Lesson 16:  glum, gleeful, fume, imprudent, prudent, reduce


Test will be Friday, January 12, (no vacab words)

Writing - 

Expository NonFiction - Countries of Interest

Explore how inforamtion is organized and presetned while cultivating curiosity.

Spelling - Week 16

today's, nation's, nations', children's, tree's, trees', wormen's, village, language, window, morning, threw, population, parents, island, discussion, decision, television, inforamtion, question, action, below, period, party, driving

Test will be Friday, January 12.


 Math - Operations with fractions and mixed numbers.

Add / Subtract like fractions, add / subtract mixed numbers, and multiply with fractions.

Test will be Wednesday, January 17.

Multiplication / Division Fact practice 0 - 12's

Fact Fluency test, 75 problems, will be Friday, January 12.


Social Studies - 


Science -  Heat Energy

Daily grades will be taken from work completed in class.