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Here's what's going on this week, January 29:

Reading -

A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman

Hearing and discussing non-fiction stories and making inferences with text.

Reading comprehension test will be Friday, February 9 with lesson 19 & 20 vocab.

Vocab Words:  

Lesson 19:  rove, inadequate, adequate, scrutinize, ineligible, eligible

Writing - 

Expository NonFiction - Countries of Interest

Explore how information is organized and presented while cultivating curiosity.

Spelling - Week 19

replied, stories, copying, married, babies, activities, supplies, picture, nature, room, conditions, streets', understood, sugar, worry, allow, flower, mountain, cow, shook cover, order, temperature, discover, education.

Test will be Friday, February 2.


 Math - Decimals with tenths and hundredths.

Use place value and grids to model and understand decimals in tenths and hundredths.  Continue to add / subtract / multiply with fractions.

Test will be February 2 over Ch. 9 & Ch. 10.

Multiplication / Division Fact practice 0 - 12's

Fact Fluency test, 75 problems, will be Friday, February 2.


Social Studies - Using "Time for Kids" magazine for reading and response to questions.  Grades will be taken from this resource.


Science -  Water Cycle

Daily grades will be taken from work completed in class.