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I'm so excited to be teaching kindergarten this year!  My joy is helping others learn to read!! I'm so excited to be a part of these formative years in reading.

Homework: Sent home on Monday. Due the following Monday.

Sight Words

1st 9 weeks-a, I, my, is the, can, me, see, like, it, go, so, no, yes, blue, yellow, red, black, brown, white

2nd 9 weeks-you, for, and, look, he, she, we, play, am, at, what, little, was, to, on, do, said, say, in, will, up, our, good, get, ride

3rd 9 weeks-away, big, come, down, find, run, help, here, jump, make, one, two, three, four, where, all, are, went, did, ate, that, with, there, under, this, saw, into, well, ran, not

4th 9 weeks-funny, too, came, who, want, eat, please, pretty, must, new, now, out, soon, be, but, have, they