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Class rules and info 

Homework Folder/Zipper Bag: Your child will have a homework folder that comes home DAILY with their zipper bag inside. Your child will bring this folder home each day and is to return it every morning. Please check this folder for important information and communication from me. Please put ALL money and notes to me inside the zipper pouch. All money needs to be labeled with your child’s name and what the money is for.


Homework and Agenda: Each student will be responsible for writing down daily assignments, homework, test dates, and important dates in their agenda book. Homework will come home in the homework folder and must be returned the next day. If there is no homework, “NONE” should be written in the box. Late homework will not be accepted unless the student was absent.


Graded Paper Folder: Graded papers will be sent home most Tuesdays along with a weekly progress report attached in the folder. After reviewing the paper and progress report, please remove the papers and return the signed form and folder by THURSDAY (please keep the test papers).  Unsigned or unreturned folders will result in the loss of recess until they are returned signed.