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Heath's Honeybee Homework
Due Date: 5/31/2018

  Heath’s Honeybee Homework

May 14-18

Contact me at or message on dojo

Please send all money and notes in your child's zipper pouch labeled with its purpose.


Snack Shack will be open each Friday.  All snacks are .75 cents each.



Homework packets are to be turned in only on Fridays.


 Awards Day will be Thursday, April 17 at 11:30.  It will be followed by a sack lunch picnic.  Then we will begin our outside field day!



M:  Art

Tu: Computer

W:  Library

Th:  Music

F:  PE (wear tennis shoes)


 WOW Words (words you will see on the reading test)

author's purpose, setting, main character, who, what, when, where, why, which, how, write, draw, something, someone, after, story, place, could, main idea, beginning, last, type, fiction, non-fiction, happened, another   complete sentence--


Weekly Story Words

who   what   when  which   why  where  how    with  

Fry Words 1-200


What is the author's purpose of a fiction story?  They are written to entertain us.

What is the author's purpose of a nonfiction story?  They are written to inform us or to teach us.

Lunch 11:50-12:15

Activity 10:40-11:20

Recess 2:10-2:30

Snack 2:45-3:00

Please send a daily snack and spill-proof water bottle.


Have your student to start working on Razkids at least 2 to 3 times a week. 


All students need to be on level H or higher for practice for our reading test.


Reading:  I can make, hear, and discuss a story and answer questions about key details. I can wonder about a story and make a text connection.

Language: I can review all skills (nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, verbs, articles, prepositions). I can use pronouns they/them correctly.

Phonics  I can use the correct sound to make and read a a word.

Math:I can subtract multiples of 10.  I can partition (cut, divide) shapes into 2 (halves) or 4 (fourths) equal pieces.

Science:  I can understand light and sound.



Spelling Words:

far   much   play   gave   upon   after   handy   dribble   spell   shapeless

We stayed up until three.



Test Schedule









 Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday   

Pajama and Movie Day

Doodle Day



Make a Memory Day

Awards Day 11:30

Field Day 12:00


 What's the Buzz 
You can now follow our class on twitter (@kkkheath). Heath's Honeybees
It is important that your student come to school each and everyday.    Remember to be present your student has to be at school for 63% of the day.  If you have appointments please try and make them after 1:30 pm.  If you check out before 1:30 pm, your student is counted absent.



 Homework is not an option and should be done by the student not the parent!!! Homework should be done for practice on skills.  Homework should be returned on Friday in the left pocket of the binder.



We go to PE every Friday, so please wear your tennis shoes to school every Friday.  


WATER is the only drink to be brought in the water bottle.  It is to hydrate the brain!!  Water bottles need to be filled before coming to school.   Also please send a snack daily.


Please check out my website at 

Then click on school staff and websites, Kimberly Heath, then links. I have loaded fun games to help the students practice their skills. Some of you asked me how to find out levels of books.  They are not all leveled, but this is the sight I use:  then choose guided reading A-Z and enter the title of the book you are trying to find.  Again they are not all leveled.