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Stacey Conklin, Ed.S.


⭐️My Dearest Shining Stars⭐️,

I miss you.

Just like your teachers, your School Counselor is missing you every day. I’ll be honest, I was counting down the weeks until Spring Break, but this past week has felt like the longest week ever, and one we certainly weren’t planning for.

You, my students, are my joy, my energy, my exhaustion
🙂, and my reassurance - all wrapped into one. You are the reason I am able to set an alarm for 5:45 a.m. and actually get out of bed for it! I miss your smiles, your laughter, high fives, and hugs. I miss your stories, your questions, and your excitement. I really miss hearing “Mrs. Conklin!!!” and “When are you coming to get me?!”

I look forward to hearing that this bug is behind us and we can all return to school, our home away from home. Until then, you are just as loved, cherished, and thought about as you were on the First Day of School, and we will continue our work, for you, every day.

Sending love and air hugs to everyone in my OES Family.




How do I see a Counselor?

*  A teacher can fill out a referral form.

*  A parent can fill out a referral form or email me.

*  A Student can make an appointment, or ask a teacher to make an appointment for the student.