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Mrs. Tenbye Bright
2nd Grade Teacher
Tenbye Bright

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Monday - Library
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Music
Thursday- P.E
Friday - Computer

Lunch Time11:45-12:10


March 23,
As I mentioned in my broadcast from School Status, you can pick up your child's work books and other items the 2nd grade team has put together on this Wednesday from 10-6pm. You will not be required to get out of your car (So don't worry about how you look), and our staff will be taking safety measures such as wearing masks. You just tell them your child's teacher and your child's name. They will handle the rest. I pray all of you stay healthy, and send my love to your child. I miss them.  


Sight Words

Sight words are words that your child must know fluently "by sight", because they do not "sound out". The 2nd grade list of 300 can be found here. Although the list says 2012-2013, they are the same year after year! 

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My homepage at Spelling City can be found here  

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