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Welcome to Overpark's Library Page!



Our book fair has been scheduled for April 3-7th. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the corresponding box in the link below to schedule your time. Thank you so much for your support. Our goal this year is $5000 to purchase new library books! Thanks for supporting the library and literacy!





Please encourage your child to read every day!

Check out this website:

(Click on the "links" above for more online games and stories)


We love library volunteers!! 


All volunteers are welcome for these upcoming events:

1. Read to Kindergarten or First Grade

2. Assist with set up and take down of book fair (in the spring)

3. Special events throughout the year and fundraisers.

4. Help shelve books.

Please check with PTO to see how you can help!

Send me an email anytime to be added to my volunteer list.

I will call you!! ;)



Our goal is to provide each student with skills needed to become a great reader!

We use a variety of tools and technology in the library, including ipad minis, a smart board, and document camera.

Our library consists of over 18,000 books in print.


 Please click on the word "files" above and follow the prompts to find our newsletter and dolch words to print.

K-1 will be practicing sight words all year in the library!

Please email me if you want to read to your child's class or any other classes! We love guest readers!!