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2018-2019 Mustangs  


Mission Statement:

Every Child Plays!

Every Child Has Fun!

Every Child Is A Winner!



Favorite Quotes:

"The Function Of Education Is To Teach One To Think Intensively And Think Critically... Intelligence Plus Character That Is The Goal Of True Education."

-Martin Luther King Jr.-


 "The Challenge Of Education Is Not To Prepare A Person For Success, But To Prepare Him For Failure."

-Admiral James Stockdale-


P.E. Oath 

I Will Not Cheat Nor Will I Play For Keeps.  I Will Treat My Opponent With Courtesy.  If I Play In A Group Game, I Will Play, Not For My Own Glory, But For The Success Of My Team And Fun Of The Game.



 P.E. Theme 

Team R.E.S.P.E.C.T


R    Right to learn


E    Effort


S    Safety


P    Purpose


E    Enthusiasm


C    Challenge


T    Team building



Personal Philosophy: 

"Success Is The Good Fortune That Comes from Aspiration, Desperation, Perspiration, and Inspiration."

 -Evan Esar-


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